Religion, a cancer to the world / La religión, el cancer del Sistema

Religion is one of the most despicable human flaws of all time.

Lots of people like to say money is the root of all evil, but not far behind it is organized religion. It’s a social virus. It spreads between human minds, embedding itself deep within the psyches of believers and protecting itself with a series of cognitive biases. Religion not only holds back the progress of the scientific world but can quickly lead to violence. Religion is one of the most perverted lies of all time, and it’s led to a host of issues from child abuse to jihadis, from Shiite/Sunni conflicts to the Crusades. There is no way this world, in the 21st century, should still be a puppet to horrible systems of belief like religion.

Logic over fantasy

Science supports its ideas and argues for more evidence before those ideas become accepted by the majority. Religion asks…

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